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Oh, Johnny!

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Application. [May. 23rd, 2004|02:46 pm]
Oh, Johnny!


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Glad to see a community like this that is only about LyKe OHmG JonnEy DeP i5 SoW SexiI

1. Name:Eve..as in adam and eve, christmas eve, ect.
2. Sex:Female
3. Age:16
4. Location:Toronto

5. Favorite Johnny Depp Movie and why:
Definalty Edward Scissorhands. Mainly because the whole idea. It was his first real acting gig in a movie as a main character, and is for sure his best Job yet. I can not even imagine how he could take a character like edward scissorhands and make it into something as touching and beautiful as he did.

6. Favorite Johnny Depp Quote and from what movie:
Probably in Platoon when hes speaking vietnamiese...just because no one would choose that, and I thought that was hillarious.

7. Name the top 5 reasons why you actually like Johnny Depp:
1) He doesnt take shit from anyone
2) He doesnt take his fame to seriously, and his stardome
hasnt made him a total ass in the slightest.
3) He has become successful without any huge block buster
hits in his career until pirates of the caribbean.
4) He doesnt compromise his dignity or kiss some executive
ass to get movie gigs, hes just talented.
5) Hes rad on the guitar.=)

8. What Johnny character would you take to be yours forever
and why?:
Sam from Benny and Joon, because he is sweet and stuck by Joon?...yeah...and you gotta love the outfits. Plus he hates raisins...:)

9. When did you first begin yo like Johnny Depp?:
Well when I was a kid, I was in love with Edward Scissorhands, and 2 and a half years back I saw it on the space channel. I was to young to notice the caliber of his acting, and it was truly amazing how he could make a character as complex as Edward Scissorhands relate to everyone. Thats how it began...

10. Why do you like Johnny Depp?:
Why? He is, In my opinion, the most talented actors of our time...and kind of stumbled on his career as an actor purely by accident, and still manages to be an amazing actor. With all the swooning fangirls after Pirates you would think that that would make him be a total ass like most actors, but I love that hes not...

His looks dont hurt either ^_~

From: kandyass75
2004-05-24 02:30 pm (UTC)

definitely. i'm so surprized at what you wrote. you are only sixteen so i would totally expect you to be like omg johnny is so hott and to say that you liked him more so after pirates, etc... but i really liked your survey. you are very mature towards your admiration for johnny depp. i like that a lot.

i hope to see plenty of posts from you. your very cool.
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[User Picture]From: evrynamewastakn
2004-05-24 02:58 pm (UTC)
Wow thanks alot. I really appreciate it.
Yes I am definatly not one of the many swooning pirates fangirls. I loathe even thinking of that. I mean I think that its great that hes has a larger fanbase, but I just think that liking someone purely based on one movie, or solely on someones looks is superficial and just...no.
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From: kandyass75
2004-05-30 03:22 am (UTC)

no i get what you're saying. i mean i love cap't jack, i mean johnny plays the character so great. how could we truly blame the girls for adoring him. but like you said, liking someone on only one movie is ridiculous. i mean pirates was a splendid movie and his role was fantastic but i dunno if i could choose that as his best role. i do love it but i also love him as george jung in blow. that is one of my favorite movies. i also really liked ed wood. i thought his character was really cute and quirky. i mean he plays all his characters so well i was be hard pressed to pick a favorite. but anyways, welcome to the community. i will try hard to put stuff up as much as i can, but i have school [college] so i'm somewhat busy. but feel free to post as much johnny paraphernalia as you please, afterall, that is what my site is for. =)
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[User Picture]From: johnny_depp101
2008-12-23 03:04 pm (UTC)
I am new here and everything, but I would like to say that I also LOVE Johnny depp! He is SO Sexy! Especially Captain Jack Sparrow. lol. I almost left out Captain (Haha) "It's Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow"
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